I keep getting a notification that an update is available, but for some reason I can't find where this update is. I checked all the apps in the app center and none indicate an update is available. Just before this happened I unintentionally uninstalled the app center, I reinstalled it and that is when I got the notification. Then restarted the pc and it gave me the notification again. I tried sudo apt update/upgrade and found a package for amd 64 which might have something to do with my cpu, but I don't think that is something that this OS (JUNO) would notify me of.

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Please open and click on Installed tab and you'll see the updates available. And please do installed updates they are necessary.

  • Thanks, after I turned the PC off and turned it on the next day, the update and the button showed up.
    – Zen Surfer
    Apr 5, 2019 at 18:21

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