I have a lenovo ideapad 100S - 11IBY running Windows 10 Home (not updated) which only has problems with my school wi-fi. Apart from that it can connect to every other wifi spot (bus wifi, home wifi, cafe's etc).

My school wifi requires a username and password unlike my protected home wifi which the IT specialist has told me is correct. Despite typing it in it comes back with Can't connect to this network.

He suggested it might be a problem with my laptop itself connecting to the wifi spot as all the other students in my school can connect (though they all have smartphones).

I wonder what the issue is. Before Christmas it was connecting perfectly fine. Perhaps I need to update windows itself. The network drivers are already updated.

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Why are you asking a window$ question and a linux site? I would suggest you take this question to a window$ site, or delete window$ and install elementary and all your problems will go away, well maybe not all of them. lol

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