I installed latest driver from nvidia (nvidia-390), and Iˇm using 3 external monitor (2x fullHD + 1x 4K). I decide to make 4K monitor to have resolution 2560x1440, so I setup that in NVIDIA X SERVER. But after that I'm missing dock panel (when I change primary display to some of full HD displays, it shows correct) and also I'm missing part of top panel (date which is default in middle of screen is maybe 75% on left from screen), it seems like topbar and dock are positioning by maximum of monitor ... and also it is weird configuration in default settings of display, where it always says that Iˇm using full 4K resolution:

current view you can see in images and also I have problem that in topbar I have blurred icons, how can that be fixed? I cant find some solution for that :/ enter image description here

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