I would like to share my "Videos" folder with another user on the same computer. I created a group to which I added the folder as well as both the users. However, when I log into the other user, I still cannot view the contents. Any idea how I can do this?


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Since you have already created the group "share" and you are confident that both accounts are members of the group "share" then setting the POSIX permissions are relatively straight forward.

1. Go to Applications -> Terminal (or Win+T)
2. In Terminal type: cd ~
WARNING: The next two commands use the recursive flag! This means that the command will set the owner and group (then the file permissions) from that point down. Please follow all instructions carefully...
3. Type: sudo chown -R rahul:share Videos
NOTE: You will be prompted for your login password.
I included the username from your screen shot.
4. Type: sudo chmod -R 775 Videos
NOTE: This will give full read, write and execute permissions to your rahul account and the "share" group.
5. Type Cont+D to exit the Terminal.

At this point, you and anyone in group "share" will have full access to rahul's Videos folder. Furthermore, anyone in the "share" group will be able to make changes (add, edit or delete) files from rahul's Videos folder.

Good luck.

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