I am the owner of HP Envy X360, i would like to install Juno in dual boot. So i used Rufus to make a installation via USB Stick. But just after ask for launching or install Elementary, there is a bunch of errors (gpio and other, i don't have the time to read what's written), and then black screen.

I found a note on reddit that suggests it could be problem with AMD.

I tried ISO AND DD options in Rufus.

What else can i try ?

I've downloaded Virtualbox for Windows too, but it seems it refuses VM for linux x64 architecture... I want Elementary on my laptop, but i can't have it... :'(


  • I've tested with a cd with juno, same effect, after choosing to install or try, i have a black screen after, with computer who begins to warm and blow – FXGhost Mar 9 '19 at 19:01

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