Sorry for the silly question, but where is the trash icon on Juno? How do i add it to the dock?

I'm currently delete things manually by going into the .local/share/trash. But it would be nice to use the icon directly from the desktop.

Thank you. Ahn


You have two options:

  • In Files, there is a trash icon on the left pane which you can empty with the right-click
  • You can also ctrl + right-click on the Plank and go to Preferences -> Docklets where you can drag&drop Trash icon on Plank and there, with the right-click, do even more "trashy" things ;-)
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I'm currently automating my entire Elementary OS installation, and you have this other option

touch $HOME/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/trash.dockitem
sed -i 's%Launcher=%Launcher=docklet://trash%g' $HOME/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/trash.dockitem
killall plank



I create blank shortcut in the plank config launcher folder

touch $HOME/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/trash.dockitem

the file will automatically have the following content:

#This file auto-generated by Plank.

#The uri for this item.


To replace the good option I use sed, I had to use the method with % instead of ' because there are / in the string to replace

Good option : docklet://trash

sed -i 's%Launcher=%Launcher=docklet://trash%g' $HOME/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/trash.dockitem


We are restart plank, this is the only way I've found for the icon to get started without restarting

killall plank

Note : I do not think killing plank processes like that is a good idea, you can reboot the system and normally the icon will appear, it will have all the property of a real trash : filled when there is content, empty when it is empty, the menu of the trash when we do a right click on it.

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