Folks; using a bright background in elementary 5, I see a strange behaviour with the top panel background. In some cases, with no window opened, the panel is completely transparent and the icons top-right seem right "on the background". However, "often" (like ever third or fourth boot), the panel background will turn way opaque, see screenshot. I don't see a pattern in here and I don't know how to make the panel always transparent in this setup whenever no window is opened. Any recommendations on that? Any idea what's wrong here? TIA and all the best, Kristian

opaque white panel -- this is not how I want it.

transparent white panel -- this is how it should be but just occassionally is.

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After communicating within the elementaryos Slack channel, it seems a reported / known bug. See https://github.com/elementary/wingpanel/issues/184# for more.

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