I need your help in sorting out this installation issue.

I had installed Elementary OS successfully, where I gave the permission to allow download of third party software. This is because I need support for NVIDIA hardware for my laptop. My laptop specs are: HP Omen, Core i7, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. I am installing the OS on 128 GB SSD. Once the installation was complete, it asked me to restart. On restart I am getting the following errors and the laptop gets hanged for long periods of time. Similar behaviour is observed when I try to install Ubuntu LTS version.



After long hours of no activity, I had to restart the computer. On re-booting, it gave me an option to select "Try elementary OS" (the bootable USB is still plugged in). So I chose this option in search of some hope. This selection leaves me with a blank screen.

Moreover, when I removed my bootable USB and restarted my laptop, I was able to see the desktop screen but when I click on apps like Settings, or Calendar it gets hanged and then I will have to forcefully shut down using hardware keys. If I open a terminal or browser it is not hanging.

I am not able to help myself. Do help me fix this issue. If you need any more information, I will try my best to provide. Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance

Update: I repeated the entire process again. Installed the new OS by cleaning the entire disk, giving permission to install third party apps. After it said installation is complete, I removed the bootable USB and clicked on Restart Now. When it reboots, it gave usual errors, and then said "Please remove the installation medium, then press ENTER". So I did. Even on this occasion, it got stuck at Synchronizing SCSI cache After some time I just plugged the bootable USB again, and it went past that and now it is stuck at Attached SCSI removable disk. I have no clue what his happening. Sharing the screen.



Did you try the obvious things like disabling Secure boot on your BIOS (UEFI, I know)? or using "nomodeset" (as specified here: Elementary OS won't boot past live CD screen)

  • No I hadn't. The issue was with Nvidia drivers. I was under the assumption that elementary os itself will install it, like in the case of pop-os. – Abid Uzair Mar 3 at 6:18

Abid Uzair, all Linux distros have problems with Nvidia drivers, even pop!os you need to download the distro made for Nvidia.

  • Ohkay I see. I'd heard from a friend of mine who said he did not have to install Nvidia drivers for pop-os. It was able to install by itself. Although, I haven't tried it first hand. – Abid Uzair Mar 5 at 6:16

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