I removed Windows 10 totally from pc and installed elementary juno os with full hard disk encryption. Now I want to remove elementary os entirely and install ubuntu but am having difficulties with that. I have also tried to boot ubuntu from a USB drive, but all to no success.

I'm almost a total noob, someone please help me.

  • Can you please explain what is happening, you said you can't boot into ubuntu, what is coming up on your screen? – Jeff Wilson Feb 26 at 5:24
  • Also try this Go to Boot Manager and disable the option Secure Boot. Change the UEFI boot order according to the medium you want to boot the computer. – Jeff Wilson Feb 26 at 5:26
  • It happened that the problem was with the copy of Ubuntu I was trying to install. Everything worked out after I changed it. Thank you for reaching out. – CY23 Mar 4 at 12:51

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