what's the best tool chain for building elementary applications these days? I've been playing with an existing project that contains a lot of other magic (such as meson, ninja and the like), and while I'm not at all unfamiliar with writing and debugging code (15+ years of doing so in Java, Python and various scripting languages), I feel completely lost about where to start here, facing questions such as... :

  • How to start dive into the build/run/debug cycle?
  • What's the best editor for syntax highlighting, code completion, browsing git commits and history, ...?
  • How to integrate debugging with an editor or an IDE so I can navigate through running code, inspect variable values, ...?
  • How to work with third-party libraries, API documentation, ... in there?

Both Java and Python do have quite robust solutions here; in most cases Eclipse or NetBeans does everything I need and more, in others Visual Studio Code. I've read some posts on that relating to elementary but most are pretty old and seem very rudimentary. So to ask: How does your environment look like? How would a "professional" elementary app development desktop be set up for best outcomes? Maybe, too: Where to discuss this if it's off-topic in here? :)

Thanks bunches and all the best, Kristian

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