After installing elementary OS (elementaryos-5.0-stable.20181016.iso / Juno) on a recently purchased notebook computer from HP, the device no longer has WiFi.

No wireless devices are found under Network Settings, only VPNs and Proxies. There are many suggested solutions for this problem with varying degrees of reported success.

This problem will significantly hinder any user switching from Windows, where most devices tend to work fairly seamlessly. This notebook is mostly useless without WiFi.

Is there a canonical resource available that a user should follow to get functioning WiFi?


Please go to over a Ethernet connection and click the Installed tab. If you see bcmwl-kernel-source, click on free to install it. Reboot your system and you will have wireless facility.

  • Thanks Hasan. This particular notebook doesn't have an ethernet adapter. Why isn't this included with installation? – Aaron Cicali Feb 10 at 2:43
  • Just wanted to note as well that I believe this notebook has a realtek wireless adaptor. – Aaron Cicali Feb 10 at 2:52
  • You can download bcmwl-kerner-source in some other computer and install it manually i guess. – Hasan Feb 10 at 4:15

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