What is the custom command to "Show Desktop" for hot corners?

I wanted to have a "Show Desktop" like in the windows ( when I point the mouse to bottom right corner it will show the desktop )

  • If it helps, you can use a 'minimize-current' setting with dconf or with gsettings set in a hot corner and hit the corner several times to do this. Also, there's a Show Desktop icon you can put on the dock. Feb 2, 2019 at 22:52

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As far as I know, there is no way to run a command after leaving a hot corner, but you can toggle "Show Desktop" when you touch a hot corner.

I've got the following script from this article:

  1. You first need to install wmctrl (sudo apt install wmctrl)
  2. Save the script:
status="$(wmctrl -m | grep "showing the desktop" | sed -r 's/(.*)(ON|OFF)/\2/g')"

if [ $status == "ON" ]; then
wmctrl -k off
wmctrl -k on
  1. Make it executable: chmod +x /Path/to/script.sh
  2. Set the command for the hot corner to /Path/to/script.sh

This will check if the desktop is currently shown and toggle it using wmctrl:


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