When I have 2 keyboard layouts (russian and english) they change slowly. How can I fix it?

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This is a known bug in elementary OS 5.0. Whole system stutters a bit when changing layouts. There is no fix for this problem as for now, but I made a workaround:

  • Save this script somewhere locally
  • If you have more than two layouts change the value of LAYOUT_COUNT inside
  • Assign executable bit to your script using chmod +x
  • Go to Settings -> Keyboard
  • Select "Disabled" in "Switch layout" field
  • Now go to Shortcuts tab, select "Custom" category and press "+"
  • Copy and paste full path to your script to the first column
  • Assign your preferred shortcut in the second column

Please Note that this method may not allow you to assign some specific shortcuts, but system-default Alt+Space works fine.

Here are links to tracking issue and comment of guy who discovered the workaround

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