I need a password manager that has these features:

Free open source. Not cloud. Opens the password manager on system login. Integrates with Chrome and FireFox to auto fill usernames and passwords etc... (By integrate I mean they should use the password manager and not their native password managers).

I've installed Seahorse and can see that Chrome uses gnome-keyring and also stores passwords in it's native password manager. Epiphany does the same thing. OR am I missing something here? Is there a way to make them use only the gnome-keyring?

I've tried KeePassXC with browser plugins for Chrome and FireFox but you have to login to the Password Manager each time you login.

Thanks, Ralph

  • Logging in with the password manager each time you login is really the only way it'll be very safe. You want it to encrypt those contents. – Ken Kinder Jan 25 at 2:05

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