What keyboard shortcuts are available for actions like zooming, tagging, next picture, etc.

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The ones I could find so far:

  • Ctrl + A Select all
  • Ctrl + I Import from folder
  • Ctrl + S New smart album
  • Ctrl + F Search
  • Return View photo

Function keys:

  • F9 Toggle showing sidebar (left panel)
  • F10 Toggle showing photo info (right panel)
  • F11 Full screen mode

When viewing an image:

  • Shift Zoom out (while holding the key)
  • / Previous or next photo
  • Shift + / Jump to previous or next photo (while zoomed in)
  • Space Next photo
  • Ctrl Swap "rotate" button to "left", and swap "flip" button to "vertically"
  • / Flag photo
  • Ctrl + + / - Zoom in or out
  • [ / ] Rotate photo CCW or CW

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