My audio keeps turning off unless there is a sound playing. I'm using a GTX 670 using HDMI to my monitor. Is this a power saving feature? If so, how can I turn it off?

  • What graphic driver works on your system? Have you already changed to nvidia 346.82? – peppermint Sep 5 '15 at 8:03
  • I don't know if this a power-saving feature. But you can try a test. Enter the word alsamixer into the Terminal and put all the controller to maximum. Control this by arrow-keys. – peppermint Sep 5 '15 at 8:17
  • Maxed out the gain in aslamixer, no change. I'm just using whatever driver installed by default. – user2277 Sep 6 '15 at 2:23
  • Why do you mean by powering off. – Suici Doga Mar 10 '16 at 13:49