While installing Elementary OS for my Acer Spin 1 SP111-32N, it keeps on giving me this error at the very end of the installation. I know my computer uses an eMMC SSD drive, so maybe that is the issue.


I have a laptop that utilizes an eMMC card as well and was able to get elementaryOS installed on it, but I did have to fiddle with some BIOS settings before any distro would install. Disabling SecureBoot as well as disabling firmware TPM. After that, choose the "try elementaryOS without installing option" instead of the install option when first booting from the live USB. Then, in the file manager, it's possible you'll see the eMMC mounted as an SD card or such. Unmount/eject it first, and then start the installer, and proceed as normal.


I have tried this solution, but it gave me the same issue. I booted without TPM or Secure Boot, and I ejected the disk before using it.

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