I have paid for a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited, so would like to use it on my Elementary notebook computer. Unfortunately, while it does appear to run correctly, I can't get it to do so in any mode other than w/its program window displaying. Yes, I know, I can move it to another desktop. But, under Windows (and other linuxes), you can close VPN Unlimited's main window and the program will minimise to the notification area.

I Googled a bit, and found the page below, but doing as directed did not solve the issue. Any idea of what I can do to get VPN Unlimited to minimise to Wingpanel?

VPN Connections & Tray Icons in Juno

Thanks, -Z

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That's most likely because for better or worse, Elementary/Pantheon defaults to hiding indicators that haven't been whitelisted.

You can correct this issue, and get indicator functionality back in general by following these instructions on GitHub. Basically install this package and then reboot.

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