I installed Wine through App Center and nothing is wrong with that, except than when I want execute it, it doesn't find into apps menu.

Also, Wine is not present at file associations. When I try to "Open with ..." an .exe file, Wine is not found on programs list.

I tried removing it and reinstalling from terminal with sudo apt install winehq-stable but results are always the same.

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You have installed wine, but you may need to configure it. Please run winecfg in your terminal.

You may also need to use the command line to tell Wine to open an application the first time you do so.

For example, if I was trying to run "application.exe" in the downloads folder:

cd ~/Downloads
wine application.exe

The application should run and should also be added to the Applications launcher.

I highly recommend that you take a look at WineHQ, which is a great online resource for using wine that not only includes well-written and thorough documentation and wiki pages, but also has an extensive database that can help you if you're having trouble with a particular Windows application.



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