I've recently installed elementary OS Juno on a laptop and it seems like the way it discharges (according to Elementary) is extremely inaccurate. I'll charge the laptop, unplug it, it'll go alright for a bit, then suddenly drop from something like 30-40% to 5% and try to shut down, however the battery is not empty.

I'll keep it running and it'll stay on 1% for hours, until it then finally fully shuts down due to lack of power, and it won't turn on unless I charge it.

It keeps doing it and I was wondering if there's a way to fix this. It seems like it's a calibration issue or something. I've check the bios and the battery health is still good.

  • Welcome to eOS SE. Your Participation is much appreciated. This looks like some kind of bug. Check out a relevant issue here. If that's not your issue, I suggest you create one. – Hasan Jan 9 at 8:40

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