For the last few days, the Music App won't launch. I click on the icon, it appears in the dock, opens a window and closes down straight away, without giving me the chance to see what's happening. Any clue? Thanks!


Welcome to eOS SE. Please follow these steps and answer the questions,

  1. Is the problem happening with a particular file or type?
  2. Can you play those file with any other music player?
  3. Do you have Ubuntu's default media codecs installed?

If you want to install default media codecs, please execute this command in the terminal. If your problem is caused by missing codec than this will help.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

If you want to try another music player you can try vlc. Get it by executing,

sudo apt-get install vlc
  • Thanks, other files open without problems, and I already use VLC and rhythmbox – Fred Constant Jan 11 at 12:42

yes the files launch with other music players, incl. vlc, lollypop etc. I have the media codecs installed. Thanks!


After today's eOS update, it worked again, then now is back to failing to launch, again.

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