Sometimes I'm just sitting there and my laptop screen rotates, or when I get up and pick my laptop up from working on my couch and move to the kitchen table, it's now upside down. I can fix it by turning the laptop on angle to rotate it as I need it, but how do I shut this off?


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Please follow these steps,

  1. At first, go to System Settings and click Displays.
  2. After that, click on the gear icon on the top-right side and select None from the drop down menu of Screen Rotation.
  3. At the end, hit Apply and you are done.

Open the System Settings and select the Displays option. From there, you may notice a switch at the bottom of the window to toggle rotation lock. This should take care of the issue.


Just press the "Super" key + "o", to toggle screen rotation (It's "o" as in "oreo" and not zero).

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