I have downloaded 5.0 Juno and made a bootable USB disk (8 GB) using Rufus as described in the install guide. I have assigned a 100 GB unallocated disk space for the installation. I am running Windows 10 and want to have a dual boot machine.

When I choose the 'Install elementary OS' option (as opposed to 'Try elementary OS') the install wizzard stops after a couple of steps with the message that it cannot install on a system with only 8GB of diskspace. It seems as the install program cannot see the existing disk partitions.

After closing the install program, elementary OS is running nicely, but apparently in a kind of 'Try-mode'

  • Everything seems to be okay. Can you please create a new partition of that unallocated disk and see if this helps. – Hasan Jan 3 at 14:31

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