I had elementary OS Freya installed on my computer. Knowing that there's no official way to upgrade to Loki from Freya I decided upgrade it manually this answer. I don't blame the answer posted in that thread. I may have done something wrong. I got ended with a broken system. When I power on I just see Dell logo, after that screen turns black.

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    I am afraid a clean install will be needed. Anyways, I have voted up this one for you. Let's see what others say. – Hasan Dec 29 '18 at 13:02
  • Well, no one is talking i guess. – T. Shaw Jan 3 at 12:23

Please perform a clean install. elementary OS has don't support rolling release like Ubuntu.

  • What about the my files? – T. Shaw Jan 3 at 14:53
  • Here's what you can do, when you insert elementary bootable media enter Try elementary and backup your files to a external drive or something like that. – Hasan Jan 3 at 14:55

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