I am actually new to elementary OS and i wanted to contribute a wallpaper to elementary OS. I have the image and here is it,

here is the image created

What to do next ?
Actually i did just make the image and dropped it here.
Do i need to make a license or contact elementary OS?
Or what? I am really confused. If i need to edit anything tell me please. Thanks. Sorry for any misspells or mistakes.

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    This is so cool. Appreciated. I have voted up this one for you.
    – Hasan
    Commented Dec 27, 2018 at 15:00

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Make a pull request on the relevant Github repo elementary/wallpapers. I see plenty of user contributed wallpapers there.

To submit a wallpaper

  1. Make sure your wallpaper is openly-licensed and okay for commercial use

  2. Fork the project and add the wallpaper

  3. Add license info to the debian/copyright file

  4. Add artist exif metadata using command exiftool -artist="Vincent van Gogh" The\ Starry\ Night.jpg

  5. Create a pull request.

Very few pull requests will be accepted

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