Hola que tal acabo de instalar Elementary OS Juno y no me reconoce la tarjeta inalámbrica de mi computadora, es una HP Probook 440 G5. Y como puedo configurar el Touchpad, no me da la funcion de Clic Derecho? Espero su amable asistencia, Saludos!

English translation: Hello, I just installed Elementary OS Juno and it does not recognize my computer's wireless card, it's an HP Probook 440 G5. Also how can I configure the Touchpad?, because the Right Click function doesn't work. Thanks in advance, Regards

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    – Sebastian
    Dec 26, 2018 at 22:19

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I have a notebook with a Realtek's wireless card. It's awful! I google this driver and find it.


Maybe it helps. ;)

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