How can I disabled the automatic suspend in Elementary OS 0.5.

It seems there is a very aggressive automatic suspend for laptops in Elementary OS.

In Settings -> Power -> "Suspend when inactive for" set to "Never". (both on plugged in and on battery option).

If I use the gnome tweaks and set to false the "Suspend when dim closed." the same result... The laptop goes to suspend itself in 15 minutes.

The TLP laptop library is installed.

For me this is very tricky. I used to use Ubuntu OS, but I never experienced this aggressive suspend problem.


Unfortunately there's a current bug in elementaryOS that prevents suspend power settings from being respected. I can't provide a fix as none of the suggestions in the relevant bug threads work in any reliable manner, but I can suggest that if there is something you need to run without having the system suspend, you can use systemd-inhibit to accomplish this.

systemd-inhibit --mode=block --what=sleep <command-or-program-you-want-to-run>

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