I get this message after installing any program via terminal libdvd-pkg: apt-get check failed, you may have broken packages. Aborting...

as seen in the image:enter image description here

note: i don't really know if this happens every time i install a program but it happened like 3 to 4 times if anyone knows what is up with that feel free to answer.

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TLDR: You may safely remove libdvd-pkg with sudo apt remove libdvd-pkg if you don't run DVDs.

This is probably a problem with the package and doesn't seem to be a problem specific to elementary OS as it also affects vanilla Ubuntu 18.04. It's removal may affect if you run DVDs.


all you have to do is:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg
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Try this one:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

Then a prompt will appear, you can use the "Tab" key on keyboard to select the option. Select "Yes" and press "Enter" key. If the next time you face this issue, select "No".

The original answer is here


I had the same problem. And I discovered that the problem is in the installation of a ppa repository. Maybe you had been installing some programs with a new repository. You need to delete this one!


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