The official backup tool in Debian systems is dejadup. It has integration with Nautlus in Gnome. Is there any possible way of getting the same support in Files?

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Here is an approach to integrating deja-dup with Files. I found in the following blogpost from Todd Kennedy.


Adding Deja-dup support to Files

Obviously, install deja-dup. In order to integrate Deja-Dup into Files one has to create two files; the first for restoring missing files from a directory and the second to revert to a previous version of a file.

The dejadup-restore.contract, that must be created in /usr/share/contractor with Admin permissions.

[Contractor Entry]  
Name=Restore missing files in folder  
Description=Restores missing files in folder using dejadup  
Exec=deja-dup --restore-missing %U  

Save and exit editing

The dejadup-revert.contract in the same way that you created the first file. Put the following contents into it.

[Contractor Entry]  
Name=Revert to previous version...  
Description=Revert to a previous version  
Exec=deja-dup --restore %U  

Save and exit editing.

Log-off and log-on.

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