I was working normally, had to go for a couple of hours. Left the system on, downloading an ISO in Opera, and a couple of more apps opened. When I came back, a black screen with a big cursor was on the top, blinking... Seems mouse and keyboard responded, as HD reacted typing some keys, yet, screen all black. Had to turn off the computer. I just installed Elementary for the first time in my PC, trying Juno

Any ideas?


What settings do you have set under "power" in settings? I have had some weird reboots happening when the system should have just suspended or even locked. I ended up setting everything to never.

I also ran a command to keep the eOS from ever going into suspended mode. Because in my case that was what caused random reboots.

  • Thank you; I configured the OS as per your recommendations. Nov 6 '18 at 0:11

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