I'm using eclipse photon to program in java 8, and when I create a new class, package, I enter the settings, etc. It seems that these windows are inside a window, how can I solve this?enter image description here


This is a known issue in Elementary OS due to their somewhat non-standard way of applying window decorations. Fortunately, there is a fix, but it must be applied on a per-application basis. In fact on the issue description itself on GitHub, there's a summary of how to fix it with Eclipse as a sample:

For those wondering how to change the .desktop file appropriately, set:

Exec=env GTK_CSD=0 <executable path>

For example for Eclipse I did this:

Exec=env GTK_CSD=0 /opt/eclipse/eclipse

So you'll want to edit the eclipse desktop file to add that GTK_CSD=0 as an environment variable added before Eclipse executes.

You could also probably use App Editor to do the same, if you prefer a GUI.


I think it is related to gtk3 with eclipse. If you force it to use gtk2 it works. Had a similar issue with dbeaver which is eclipse based.

  • how do you force it to use gtk2? – Friso Mar 5 at 10:45

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