I've been running Kubuntu Linux for some time(years). I check www.DistroWatch.com occasionally to see if any super new distro's are released. I see that Elementary OS Linux version 5 was recently released and it is now ranked #3 on DistroWatch site. I decided then to buy Elementary OS 5 and installed it to VirtualBox VM. Everything looks super great but I have a couple of questions below:

(1) What is the life expectancy of current Elementary OS 5 ?
(it's based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, so would 2 years be a safe time?)

(2) I need an indicator in (wing)panel that shows:
- CPU use % graph
- RAM use % graph
- Network use graph
- BONUS: CPU temperature display
SOLVED: How can I show performance graphs in Wingpanel?
(ISSUE: Adding PPA not supported for security reasons?)

(3) What is the story behind not allowing folders and/or files on the desktop?
(find it a little strange and awkward to be honest - some option to allow?)

(4) If something is made for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is it going to work with Elementary OS?

Those are my initial questions just based on 1 hour of use in a VM. If someone can answer the above 4 questions then I would probably install it...



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(1) elementary OS is build on Ubuntu LTS versions, there will only be a major update if there is a new LTS version of Ubuntu. So as long as Canonical keeps their update cycle two years should be a good estimation.

(2) To add a custom PPA in elementary OS, you need to install the package software-properties-common, probably not installed by default for the stated security reasons.

(3) It's just a way elementary handles things, maybe to make a more sleek appearence. This post is a bit older, but might help you achive what you want.

(4) Generally i would say, it depends. Mostly probably yes, but there are maybe some packages not compatible with Pantheon or Gtk, so you would have to add the dependencies by yourself.


Ad (2): You can show performance in the wingpanel with the Monitor app (https://appcenter.elementary.io/com.github.stsdc.monitor)

Ad (3): There's an app for that as well: (https://appcenter.elementary.io/com.github.spheras.desktopfolder)

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