Everytime I try to add a printer, I get this error: Unauthorized Enter your username and password or the root username and password to access this page. If you are using Kerberos authentication, make sure you have a valid Kerberos ticket.

How where do I enter my user name/password.

Help please. Thanks.

  • Any help wold be greatly appreciated.
    – Mris
    Oct 30, 2018 at 15:09

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Just use the cups! do not open the interface. By doing so you will solve this!


Trying to open CUPS in Chrome will NOT work (no authentication window is displayed)! This is a Chrome "feature", where they decided to prevent popups from and dialogs when accessing non-https locations. It works though in Firefox and Epiphany. I recommend Firefox, because Epiphany seems to have some issues displaying the button labels :D

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