In the Mouse & Touchpad settings in Juno there is a section for Touchpad and in that an option to "disable while typing". Having upgraded to Juno on my Dell XPS 15 I discovered that this setting was being ignored. As I typed, the movements of my hand over the keyboard caused the cursor to jump all over the place - pretty bad in most documents, devastating in IM clients!

After some research I found that both the xorg and synaptics drivers were installed - libinput is your friend. Following a Ubunut18 thread, I found that only one should really only have one so with a simple sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-input-synaptics I removed the synamptic drivers. Following a reboot, my touchpad diligently sits there waiting until I have stopped typing and the cursor no-longer jumps all over the place.

I'm now worried that I might have broken something else. Have I used the right solution or will I have messed things up?

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