I have installed Elementary OS on my iMac 5k (17.1) and it looks stunning. However I'm missing a feature from macOS that I grew quite fond of. When I move the mouse into a corner of my Desktop the screen is turned of (not locked!!). I do this frequently to save energy. But I don't want this to happen immediately but after a minor timeout (500ms) so the screen does not turn dark when I move the mouse the the corner accidentally (for instance when trying to shut the computer down).

Is this possible with hot-actions?

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You can try and play with xbacklight. Not sure if it's already installed in Elementary.

sudo apt install xbacklight

Add a custom command to your desired corner. Something like:

xbacklight -dec 100 -time 500

This should do the trick. I can't test it atm, but it should work. If you have any issues, just check xbacklight manual #man xbacklight.

  • Hello & thank you for your input. xbacklight was not installed, but apt get sure enough did the trick. Unfortunately the iMac 5k does not support xbacklight. The output of xbacklight -get is null (empty). Besides, this would only fade the brightness within the specified 500ms. What I aimed for was activating the script only when the mouse stays in the corner for more than 500ms (or any other customizable value).
    – riker09
    Oct 23, 2018 at 20:32

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