I'm using Music (Noise) in Juno. After importing all my songs, it appears there's no logical way that it gets sorted. In "View as Albums" (the first button at the top with the 4 squares), the albums are listed in no particular order, not by artist or album title. It appears to be random.

Sorting doesn't work in "View as List" either. If I click on "Title", "Artist", or "Album", it doesn't sort. All it does is scroll down the list a little bit.

It does sort by Genre in "View in Columns", but that's about it. It won't sort any further if I click on "Title", "Album", or "Artist."

UPDATE: I was able to do all the above sorting options on my old laptop running Freya. I was also able to do it on a VM running Loki. I'm not sure why it doesn't work in Juno.

UPDATE #2: Installed Music/Noise in Ubuntu and Mint...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:elementary-os/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install noise

... but having the same problems. The problem appears to be with the app and not the OS. Not sure what changes were made to Music/Noise, but it worked just fine in Freya and Loki. (Side note: after installing Music/Noise on other Linux systems, the "View in Columns" icon/graphic is absent. It just shows a circle with a line through it.)

UPDATE #3: Looks like there's an issue opened up on this already. https://github.com/elementary/music/issues/396

UPDATE #4: Issue 396 was merge into Issue 458 https://github.com/elementary/music/pull/458

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