I'm new on this forum and I'm writing because since I upgraded to Juno (via clean installation), I'm not able to see the multitasking-view application icon. Instead of the right icon I see the default one as you can see from the image. How can I solve it? Thanks to all enter image description here

  • can you please tell us what contains the file: /usr/share/applications/gala-multitaskingview.desktop ? for that open it with a text editor or run in ur terminal the command cat /usr/share/applications/gala-multitaskingview.desktop and copy it here (dont forget to paste it between ``` paste me here ``` ) – mIcHy AmRaNe Oct 21 '18 at 12:44
  • or <pre><code> paste me here </code></pre> – mIcHy AmRaNe Oct 21 '18 at 12:53

I've noticed that who encountered this problem is italian (including me) and thinking about it I've figured out how to solve the problem!

Editing the file (with sudo):

and replacing the row
solved the problem!

Ho notato che tutti noi che abbiamo riscontrato questo problema siamo italiani, e da lì mi è venuta l'illuminazione:

Andando infatti a modificare il file (con sudo):

e sostituendo la riga
si risolve il problema!

Probabilmente il file relativo all'icona italiana è mancante o chissà cos'altro.

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You can solve the problem introducing the following line directly on the terminal:

sudo sed -i '/Icon[.*]/d' /usr/share/applications/gala-multitaskingview.desktop

It removes all entries with the pattern "Icon=[.*]" from the file /usr/share/applications/gala-multitaskingview.desktop that cause the problem and leaves only the correct line which says: Icon=multitasking-view

The icon is part of Gala and the problem has been reported on GitHub:


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