On Loki I have the same problem with several applications which involve a file dialogue. When I select a file there is no way to 'Save', as there is no button to click, [Enter] doesn't work and (double-)left-click doesn't work. Could you look at the picture below and tell me whether there is a button missing from this standard file dialogue? Perhaps a header bar is missing that should have Save, Cancel and Search buttons. enter image description here


'Pantheon-files' had no header bar so no 'Cancel', 'Save' or 'Search' buttons! I removed 'pantheon-files' and installed 'Nautilus' which fixed it. I have since installed Juno - which had the same problem and the same solution.

  • Something you did is causing that. Pantheon-files doesn't look like that by default. There must be some weird config file in your /home directory causing that. If you create a new user it may go back to normal.
    – Maccer
    Oct 19 '18 at 22:03
  • Sounds likely, but if I created a new user I would obviously want to copy all my files in - bringing the guilty file with them. Perhaps someone who knows something about pantheon-files would let me know what configuration files it uses so I can avoid overwriting them. Oct 20 '18 at 19:36

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