I am trying to connect to a newish LG TV via HDMI. I have an oldish HP G62 Laptop with switchable integrated Intel GPU plus Discrete AMD radeon GPU. Both are detected via LSCPI.

Whilst booting with the external monitor plugged in, it looks lovely. I always get the elementary logo on both screens, nice! From there it goes pear shaped.

I get to the login screen. What happens mostly is that when I log in, both screens blank out for a few seconds, then it comes back to the login screen on the laptop, whilst the TV screen is showing "no signal". It never proceeds to the desktop. Login again, same thing ad infinitum.

Sometimes, I unplug before booting, get to the desktop screen, then plug in HDMI. Once, and only once, video worked fine (albeit without audio and no option to change to HDMI audio in sound settings). Sometimes I get a distorted image on the TV monitor. Sometimes I get a black TV monitor screen but can see only the mouse cursor. Trying to go to settings usually results in being knocked back to the login screen on the laptop but sometimes (rarely) I do get to the display option which detects both screens but the TV screen does not actually display anything (except sometimes only the mouse cursor on a black screen).

This also happens to me with the latest Ubuntu so I don't think it's just an elementary OS issue. I have searched and searched for days (including UBUNTU forums) and still can't find an answer. Tried different TV monitors. Tried different cables. On Windows 7 everything works just fine whatever the TV or cable :-(

rm ~/.config/monitors.xml doesn't work (saw this as a possible cure in several places). I have no such file.

BTW I am talking purely about video here, I guess audio is also going to be a nightmare but that's another story.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, thank you in advance.

  • As mentioned above Ubuntu 18 behaves exactly the same with the default xrandr system. HOWEVER if at login I change to Ubuntu Wayland then HDMI works, albeit very choppy when it comes to Youtube with Chrome, Firefox is noticeably better but still not that great. – Nick P Oct 21 '18 at 4:50
  • Solved. This turned out to be a sound related issue. This worked for me: askubuntu.com/a/1079602/884304 After doing all that my HDMI started behaving it self, but have to make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in before booting otherwise got no sound. Now I don't have to be in Ubuntu Wayland. – Nick P Oct 28 '18 at 11:34

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