Every time I install it with USB, I always get stuck in the logo interface. What should I do? My computer is dual video card, I don't know if there is any impact

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Try the install without adding 'third-party' drivers during install process (checkbox). This should then cause the use of the basic Ubuntu video driver(s).

As a side note, I have installed this OS in all versions many times...sometimes the initial boot process takes a little longer than normal. It might be a simple case of delayed gratification solved by waiting a bit longer... I can't say why but perhaps someone with real OS knowledge can answer...HTH


Hi there good to have you here.

I got a silly question for you, did you check the image hash before installing it on the USB stick? If not, that might be the answer you are looking for.


That's actually a brilliant question! Always check the checksum of the ISO after download. Please see https://elementary.io/docs/installation#installation

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