I am a new Linux user, I am using Elementary OS and not much familiar with its features. I want help with skype installation. I have downloaded the skype from official website, however, I dont know how to install it on my laptop.



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have not tried this but it should work ...

  • download the "DEB" package for linux (remember where it is downloaded)
  • You can install it by using sudo apt install ./name.deb

this assumes you are in terminal app in the directory where the file exists or you could specify the full path name of the file


George Barbaz is right, his answer should work just fine. How ever, here is a maybe more detailed explanation, because you stated you are new to the linux world:

Open the files application and navigate to the folder, where the file you've downloaded is stored.

Right-click and click on 'Open in' ➝ 'Terminal'

Type in the following command.

sudo apt install -y ./nameofthefile.deb

apt is the package manager used by ubuntu-based linux distributions like elementary, the install keyword explains itself, I guess, and the -y flag skips the confirmation dialog, you are normally prompted with and approves the actions taken directly. . is a substitution of the current directory that you are in. apt needs this to understand, that you want to install a local file and not one from a repository.

That's pretty much everything sumed up, I guess. Makes it maybe a bit more understandable for you.


What other people have said is correct but I don't recommend you to install Skype on Linux.
Microsoft decided to stop updating their Skype app for Linux so it may stop working in the future and it may have security issues that aren't being patched. However, you can use Skype on the web from any computer and browser.


You can find an application called Eddy on the elementary OS AppCentre. When it's installed, you can either open the application and proceed as it instructs, or you can simply open Files, navigate to where the Skype installation file is located, click it and proceed with the installation.

You can also find Skype as a Snap and Flatpak application.


Skype is available for Linux from the Skype website. as a .deb package.

Grab the latest version of Skype and then open up a terminal window. Using the cd command, move the terminal window into the ~/Downloads directory:

cd ~/Downloads

Then, to install it:

sudo dpkg -i skypeforlinux-64.deb

Usually the process, in this case, will terminate with an error. To fix it:

sudo apt install -f

There is also, as mentioned above, a dedicated app for elementary that manages and installs .deb files.You can follow the direct link to the app Eddy - direct link

Hope that helped you.

  • You can use also gdebi to install a downloaded deb file and don't care about dependencies because it will try to install them or abort the installation if doesn't find them. Also you could use flatpak or snap to install the latest Skype
    – Sebastian
    Dec 7, 2018 at 20:53

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