I'm switching to Linux to save my old 2010 Macbook, since it is almost unusable with the newer versions Mac OS.

I just finished setting up Elementary OS, but the wifi will not work. During setup, I was asked to configure a network, and I entered my Wifi network and password. However when I actually log in, there is no network connection.

When I go to System Settings, Ethernet is the only available option. Under "Edit connections..." I can see my wifi network, as configured, but I have no way to connect to it.

I followed the instructions in this thread WiFi on MacBook Pro (12,1 - Early 2015) but no luck. It looks like the firmware linked to in there is for Broadcom chips in newer Macs (2013 onwards). Do I need a different driver?

By th way, for some reason, plugging in the ethernet doesn't do anything, either.

I would really appreciate any help. :)

  • any news on this issue ? Did you manage to fix it. I have the same exact issue. – Danny991 Oct 6 '19 at 9:34

I haven't tried Elementary on Apple hardware, but this sounds to me like there's probably a missing driver. Not sure in Juno if there's somewhere equivalent to Ubuntu's "Additional Drivers" in Software Sources? A little digging suggests that you can run sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall and that should do the same thing the Additional Drivers dialog does.

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