I recently installed elementary on my laptop and in the partition of the system use 50 gb but it took only two days using it and says that the space in root filesystem is full, I do not understand because if the requirements for elementary OS are 15 gb any solution?

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Very dependent upon how the disk is/was partitioned ... (in a terminal) if you do the following few commands we should be able to determine if it is a "partitioning" issue ... the commands and post your output

  • df -h
  • grep -v ^# /etc/fstab

now to determine WHERE the space is going

  • sudo su -
  • cd /
  • du -sh * 2> /dev/null


df -h == a picture of you disk usage by mount point
grep -v ^# /etc/fstab == a list of host the "disks" are mounted
du -sh * 2> /dev/null == disk used by directory without any error msgs

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