I would like to share an feature request which i aspect other users would also like.

Its about the Kaychain. In certain circumstances a keychain popup comes up and asks for !root / sudo! password. The popup notifies that "An Application asks for permisson". - As User I would gladly know WHO is asking for WHAT permisson, and WHY? - 'An Application [...]' is not highly meaningful.^^

As passing remark I would like to suggest a general section for keychain-settings in the settings app. Maybe I want to make a exception, e.g on local sites.

..even if the computer starts up, and some of the first things that reaches the frontend is that popup. ..sometimes it comes shy up, even on idle (Hibernate off)

AAnd I want to thank all elementaryOS-Teammembers, you guys are awesome. I like this OS very much and it has nearly displaced my Windows installation. Applause to any of you who are operating this project with their effort, time, and willingness.


  • You'd better send your feature request directly to elementary team, or to the official repository. Stack Exchange is Q&A system, not an ordinary forum. – Eugene Lomov Oct 18 at 4:24

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