I am interested in using elementary OS, because the developer documents appear to be very well maintained, it's easy for the average person to use, and I think any software I make has a high probability of being seen by users of this platform. But I have some questions.

1) I have a stage 1 Gentoo build, with a GPG-protected keyfile on a USB thumbdrive that boots the system up, after it unlocks the Luks drive, which is using a Serpent cipher. Seeing as how elementary uses a graphical installer, I don't imagine that these options would be built into the GUI for it. Is there a way to install the system, from the CLI, so that I can have increased security in the same way? This is in case my laptop is stolen.

2) When a new release becomes available, is the procedure to install the new operating system again, by replacing the old version, in order to use it? Or, is there a simple way to just tell the system to upgrade to the new release, like I can with Gentoo, or Arch?

I know that what I want, may be better suited for a different OS, except that a lot of the applications I have planned, seem like they would see more of an audience on elementary OS. I don't think many Arch, or Gentoo, users would be interested in my apps.

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