I am not sure whether this issue is specific to ElementaryOS Loki, or if it is a common issue for distributions based on Linux.

Anyway I am using ElementaryOS Loki and I wish to be able to copy the photos done by the iphone (iOS 11.2.6) directly from it into my computer hard disk using the standard EOS Files application. Currently, it doesn't work. In Files, I see a single folder on the iPhone store_00010001, but it shows as empty in Properties and when I click to view contents.

For now, I found two questions on this topic here, which unfortunately do not address the issue:

1 - Access photos on iPhone

2 - Loki not showing files from iPhone iOS 11.2.1

I have already read about a few people doing this (Build libimobiledevice and ifuse from HEAD) successfully. However, they had to compile a few piece of software on their own, having advanced linux skills, which i don't have. Trying to run "picked on the internet" command lines without knowing exactly what happens is very risky to me. I had already bad experiences with that approach.

I have no Dropbox account and I am not looking at dropbox or at any similar ways to workaround the issue.

Has anyone a known solution for this, where no own compiling is requested, and the result is : the photos can flow through the standard apple USB cable?

It can be a few command lines which call a PPA, or the name of another Linux-based distribution. I could live with a dual boot (both Linux) on my computer, if nothing else exists.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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