I installed elementary OS on two different computers, without having problems, following what reported on Installation and installing on the internal disk in both the cases.

I need to re-install elementary OS on the second computer, but during the installation, it now shows a notification titled Low Disk Space which says:

This computer has only 0 bytes disk space remaining.

The installation is very slow, or completely frozen.

I thought the problem was the USB key I am using to install, so I formatted it, and rewritten it using Rufus. It didn't help.
I thought the message was referring to the destination disk, so I removed two partitions created from the previous installation. I am still getting the same notification.

How can I fix this issue?

I am still not clear to which disk space the message is referring, since the USB key I am using for installing should be seen as CD-ROM.
I also read the installation requires a SSD with at least 15 GB of free, but when I installed it the first time (and on the other computer), I had only the internal disk where elementary OS has been installed.

I tried re-installing again, and this time the notification message says:

This computer has only 171.2 MB disk space remaining.

This confuses me more about what disk space is trying to use.

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