I installed elementary OS on an ASUS computer, following the procedure they describe in Installation. All went fine; all the necessary drivers were installed.

After two days I used it, updated the OS, and installed new applications / APT packages, I started having a problem: When the computer was put to sleep, the screen became black and shown a list of error. The day after, the same happened when I restarted the computer.

So, I decided to re-install elementary OS. From the boot menu I chose to try elementary OS, I used GParted to remove the partitions created from the installed on the internal hard disk, and restarted. Once again, I got the same black screen with the same errors printed over and over.

The errors are printed on the screen so quickly that I cannot read them completely, but the message has the following structure.

** <number> printk messages dropped ** [<four digits>.<six digits>] pcieport 0000:00:1c.6: <message error>, id=00e6 (Receiver ID)
  • <number> seems to be a number between 50 and 70, but it's not progressive
  • <four digits>.<six digits> seems to be a timestamp; <four digits> has values like 1080, and it's progressive
  • I cannot read well <message error>, also because it is repeating two or three error messages. The parts I can read, but I cannot understand to which error message they belong, are:
    • PCIe Bus Error
    • severity=
    • Corrected
    • type=Phisical Layer

What happened? Can I fix these errors? How?

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