I am new to Linux. Moved from windows 10, Loving elementary OS. But need help with small things.

I installed Adobe Acrobat reader.

I selected a saved .pdf file -> Right Click -> choose properties -> selected Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Now I click on the file and I get an error.

PFD File Association Error - Adobe Acrobat in elementary OS

When I open Acrobat reader and try opening the PDF file from in there, it works.

Requesting help to fix this issue.

Thank you,

  • Can you share how you installed Adobe Acrobat. I too need Adobe Acrobat for some forms that only open in Adobe.
    – Nac
    Dec 14, 2018 at 21:56

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is not supported for Linux.

There’s a build in app for PDFs in elementary (In my opinion better than adobe reader). You can also try other alternative apps - just google it (first website that comes up). Calibre and Okular are pretty popular for example.

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