Just installed eOS. So far everything seems to be functioning, but for some reason the animations when opening things in the panel are rather jerky. I've noticed that it only occurs when a window is actively open on the desktop. For instance, opening the applications menu with Firefox minimized does not produce laggy animations, but with Firefox maximized it does. This behavior is only present when interacting with the Panel, not with the dock or any window opening/closing animations.

My machine is an i7 6800k (no overclock, it was causing eOS to crash when editing display arrangements), an ASUS X99 Gaming motherboard, an EVGA GTX 970 and 16GB 2133MHz DDR4. When installing, I chose to install 3rd party drivers and afterwards I used AppCenter to update everything that needed to be updated, including the latest nVidia driver.

I'm not the best with Linux so I haven't done much troubleshooting.

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